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General information Trail Marathon Pohorje

  1. Organizer

    Drustvo Aktivni smo

  2. Date

    Saturday, 25th of August 2018, start at 8:00

  3. Start

    Ruše – in the center of the City 

    44 km - 8:00
    22 km - 9:00
    10 km - 9:30


    44 km, 22 km and 10 km - Ruse – in the center of the City

      Course lenght: 44 km
      Elevation: 2.350 hm

    • 22T - 1/2 MARATHON POHORJE
      Dolžina trase: 22 km
      Višinski metri: 1.129 metrov

    • 10T - TRAIL RUN AREH
      Dolžina trase: 10 km
      Višinski metri: 958 metrov

    • race bib number always visible,
    • water container (camel bag, bottle …) filled so that it enables autonomy between two checkpoints,
    • basic first aid kit (patch, gause, bandage).

    Equipment check will be held at the bib number pick up and on random checkpoints on the course. If the equipment isn't complete or the runner refuses to show it, a disqualification may follow

    • fully charged mobile phone, so in case of emergency the runner can contact the organizer,
    • sunscreen,
    • energy bars and gells,
    • light jacket in case of rain,
    • ski or running polls,



    Bib nuibers are personalized with the name of the runner and have integrated chip. The bib number must be worn on the front and always visible on the checkpoints to the judges. Sponsors on the bib number must be seen at all time.


    Female and male absolute category.
    Other categories:

    A: from 18 to 35 years (born 1983 to 2000) A: from 18 to 35 years (born 1983 to 2000)
    B: from 36 to 55 years (born 1963 to 1982) B: from 36 to 55 years (born 1963 to 1982)
    C: from 55 and over (born 1962 and earlier) C: from 55 and over (born 1962 and earlier)


  10. TIMING

    Timing will be done with chips integrated into the bib number.


    44 km - 7 refreshment points
    22 km - 5 refreshment points
    10 km - 1 refreshment points


    44 km - The competition limit time is 9 hours. On the 21th km (Areh) the course closes after 5 hours (13:00)

    22 km and 10 km - no limits

    After limit time has passed, organizers will close the course up to the limit point and runners will be guided to the finish. At 13:00 the refreshment stations will be closed, the staff on the control points will leave their positions.


    Winners ceremony will take place in the finish area, exact time will be announced in the oficial event schedule. First 3 female and male winners from the absolute category will receive money prizes.

    First 3 female and male winners from each category receive a medal. First 3 female and male winners absolute on 44 km and 22 km courses receive a special Trail maraton Pohorje cup and money price.

    Best female and best male runner in the absolute category on the 44 km course will also receive the title "Trail marathon pohorje Queen and King"


    Runners can register over the web page of the event untill 8th of August 2018 or to the registration limit of 300 registrations for each course.
    The registration is confirmed after the payment.
    Registrations can't be refunded or transferred to next year.
    The limit of registration is 300 in the order of entry fee payment.
    The list of registered runners will be published on maratonpohorje.si


    The entry fee level depends on the date of payment and not on the date of registration:

      till 30. 1. 2018 till 30. 4. 2017 till 8. 8. 2017
    44 km 30 EUR 40 EUR 50 EUR
    22 km 25 EUR 30 EUR 40 EUR
    10 km 15 EUR 20 EUR 25 EUR

    The entry fee can be payed to the bank account of the organizer or by Paypal:

    Payment data:

    Bank account holder: DRUSTVO AKTIVNI SMO
    Address: KOROSKA ULICA 7
    City: Ruše
    ZIP: 2342
    Country: Slovenia - 705
    IBAN: SI56 6000 0000 0520 767
    Bank: Hranilnica LON d.d.

    Importand information: 
    - Name and surname have to be listed,
    - Entry fees can't be refounded because of organizing dificulties.


    - 1 EUR donation to the charity fund,
    - course preparation and marking,
    - refreshment stations with drinks an snacks, 
    - timing,
    - medical help along the course,
    - refreshing drinks, fruit and warm meal at the finish, 
    - option to shower and massage


    Bib numbers can be picked up:
    - on Friday 24th August in the Hotel Veter lobby from 14:00 to 20:00, 
    - on day of the event in the main event area between 6:00 and 7:00.


    1. Only runner have to be at least 18 years old to participate on the contest. 
    2. Access to the refreshment stations will be possible only for runners with a bib number. Food and drinks have to be eaten and drank at the refreshment station. A sign will mark the end of the refreshment station. 
    3. Poles are allowed. 
    4. Mountain rescuers will be located at various locations on the course, contacting each other and the event headquarters. Volunteers will check and register runners at various locations on the course. 
    5. There are few locations runners will have to cross local roads, so they have to comply with the regulations of the Road Transport Safety Act. 
    6. Runner have to behave in nature and not leave any garbage behind! Garbage can be left in special labelled areas. If runners don't comply with rules of garbage disposal, inspection can disqualify teh runner. 
    7. The event will be held in any weather conditions. Only if safety of the runners can be endangered, the event can be cancelled or postponed. Event supreme jury gives final decision.
    8. This is an extreme sport event so the runners have to be aware of the risks and dangers they can face in this kind of event, meaning injuries can endanger runners health. 
    9. Registration to the event means that the runners agree with the all the rules and changes in the organization that may be done.
    10. Organizers have the right to change this announcement if needed.
    11. Organizers can change courses if needed.

    *With the registration the runners agrees that the sent user data is correct and true. They agree that they are healthy, physically fit for active participation and  medically examined. Runners will follow all instructions of the organizer and so they won't press any charges. Runners agree that they can publish their user data, pictures, videos and statements. The organizer will use and store user data according to the Personal Data Protection Act.


Chief Events Officer: Jure Brečko / 041 754 945 / jure.brecko@gmail.com
PR: Katja Grušovnik / 040 530 642 / katja.grusovnik@gmail.com
Event committee officer: Simon Potrč / 031 391 770 / simon.potrc@gmail.com

e-mail: maratonpohorje@gmail.com / web: maratonpohorje.si / fb: TrailMaratonPohorje